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SEOmoz meetup in Sofia, Bulgaria

Published at Nov. 2, 2010 | Tagged with: , ,

First of all I want to thank to Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz and the Webit team for organizing this meetup.

For a long time in the web world there was a feud between the developers and the SEO guys. Both groups claiming that their work is more important, more sophisticated and with bigger value to the client and website visitors. A have to admit that(as a developer) I was also focused only on my work ignoring the SEO part and leaving it to the others. But for the last year I started to give more attention to this field.

Do not get me wrong, I am not going to become a SEO Expert but the truth is that like every other thing the web is complex system. For example - you can hire the best auto engineer but if he is alone you will never get a car that sells. You need a team - engineers, designer, managers, ergonomics experts etc. Everyone of them should focus in his field but also to cooperate with others to provide the optimal solutions.

As a developers our task is to know the basic principles of the semantic web and search engine optimization and to build applications conformable with them. Then the SEO experts come and do their magic. But it is a process that have to be walked hand by hand for both of us. It is always easier if it is made by design(architecture) the to rewrite it later.

As a final word I want to state that I have a really great time at this meeting and I hope that this was my first but not last attendance on event of this kind.