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Merar - The Emerging Markets Investment Network v2.0 ...

Published at March 20, 2011 | Tagged with: , , , ,

... or how we redesigned Merar`s website

If you follow me on Twitter maybe you have noticed that a week ago(to be more precise 11th of March) I tweeted about the new version of Merar. Unfortunately it took me 9 days before I find some time to post about what we do and what we expect. Before to continue with the changes I should mention that in "redesign" I mean some changes in the business model and logic as in the interface design(which I have to say is much simpler and intuitive then the previous one), so lets start with the changes:

  • The website is now split in two major sections: Investors or as we call it "Provide Funds" and Entrepreneurs or "Get Funds".
  • We have simplified the registration process so now you are just a few clicks away from becoming a member.
  • The process of submitting project was made simpler and some helpful hints are added to guide you during it.
  • There are also small changes in the messaging system, the member profile and some more.

We put big effort on usability and SEO on the design stage of the project and according to the final product and member responses we have done a good job.
My special thanks to all guys from Magic who were part of this project - the credits belong to them.

Now if you are still reading just go and try it. Sell your business(idea), invest your funds or just check it out. I`ll be glad to hear(read) your opinion.