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Introduction to Django - presentation

Published at March 18, 2013 | Tagged with:

This presentation shows the basics of Django - what is inside the framework and explains the Model-View-Template system. One of the most important parts is a diagram how the request is processed and the response is generated. Shows the project and the application structure and the basic elements - Models, URLs dispatcher, Views and Templates.

Introduction to django from Ilian Iliev

I become a PhD Student

Published at March 14, 2011 | Tagged with: , , , , , , ,

I am happy to say that I successfully passed the entry tests for a PhD student. So now I am part of SULSIT(State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies) PhD program. The program`s name is "Automated Systems for Information processing and information management" and my thesis will be "Research of the current methods and technologies for web sites and web application development". The dissertation have to be in Bulgarian but I will try to POST the table of content translated as well with a short resume for each chapter.
As always any ideas and suggestions are welcome.