Post on Request

Published at Jan. 30, 2011 | Tagged with: , , , ,

In the last few weeks I have been little busy(and suffering from lack of inspiration) so my blog lacks of new posts but I see that there are people visiting it(especially for the Django CMS stuff) so I am willing to start a "Post on Request" practice.

The idea is simple - I will collect post theme requests in the first three weeks(or 21 days) of every month and after a choose based on your votes( and my decision ) I`ll go out with a post on the selected theme by the end of the week. Please keep your question in the following areas - Django, Django CMS, Web Development. Question in other areas will be considered too, but may stand out of my knowledge area. You can place your request here or check the list and vote for another one or just comment this post.
I hope that you will find this initiative interesting and join it.