Django CMS 2.2 features that I want to see

Published at Feb. 28, 2011 | Tagged with: , , ,

... this is the "Post on request" for February 2011

Preface: I have to admit that I was expecting a bigger interest in the "Post on request" topic but probably my blog is too young for this but I think I will try again(soon or not). The more important thing is that Jonas Obrist is the indisputable winner of this month "contest".

Features: One of the most useful features in the next Django CMS must be the ability to copy placeholder's content between different language version of one page. For example imagine that you have a home page with several placeholder each with several plugins/snippets inside(latest news, featured products etc.) when creating new language version of the page it is really annoying when you have to add this one by one.

One other feature requested by my colleague Miro is a little opposite of the one I want, he want to be able to add different page templates for each language version of the page. I also find this useful because sometimes your language version are not fully mirrored even on the same page.

Bugs: I am not sure that this is actually a bug but I think it is bad for SEO so I will mark it. If you have a multilingual website, once you have the language set in the cookie the same page is displayed no matter whether you have the language code in the URL. For example, "/en/news/" equals to "/news/". This causes a duplicate content which is considered bad for SEO and also is misleading because every visit of "/news/" with different language in the cookie return different content. I have done some fix for this that will be presented in the next post.

Conclusion: Thanks to all participants and to the guys at Django CMS - you do a really amazing job, I hope that you will like the features I proposed and that we will be able to see them in the next version. Comments and replies are welcomed as ever.